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Ways to keep your living room warm

As the temperatures keep dropping and the snow keeps piling, homes keep getting colder. Fortunately, however, there are ways to help keep your home warm during the harsh winter seasons.

Close and Seal All Windows

First and foremost, you should inspect each window in your home to make sure it is properly shut. Then, lock the window. Locking or latching the windows shut will prevent additional air from passing through. Next, stand near the window and use your hand to feel whether any cold air is still entering the house. If so, there may be inadequate caulking surrounding the window or inadequate weather stripping.

You can inspect the exterior perimeter of the window to determine if caulk should be applied. To the average person, however, it might not be clear whether caulk is needed. If you prefer this option, you should contact a window installation company or other home repair contractor to inspect the area for you.

You can also add weather stripping to your windows. A weather strip is usually a self-adhesive material that is applied directly to the window (Google for more information). It is much easier to notice whether your window is missing weather stripping than caulking. Your local hardware store will carry this item, and it can be installed relatively easily. There are videos on YouTube that can walk you through it step-by-step (search “weather stripping windows”).

You can avoid both of the above-referenced options and simply apply a plastic-seal window kit. This product can also be found at your local hardware store and is relatively inexpensive. Installation is not difficult. Once again, there are YouTube videos that can guide you through the process (search “winter window insulation kit installation”). Just make sure you do not have to open the window at all because once the plastic is affixed to the window it can’t be removed without damaging the seal.

Use Infrared Heater

Many people preferred Infrared heaters people for heating their homes as they are economical and viable heaters that meet budget constraints. People opt for using them as primary or supplemental home-heating and find them to be a reliable as they are associated with many other benefits. Here are some benefits of infrared heaters that prove to be helpful for home owners. I’ve stumbled across a great article that described the infrared heater.

Thermal or Insulated Curtains

Regardless of what option you choose concerning your windows, consider using thermal or insulated curtains to prevent warm air from leaving your home. These curtains are specifically designed to keep warmth in and cold out. This also means that these curtains prevent air conditioning from escaping the home.

Although the name may conjure images of unsightly décor, the curtains look pretty much like any other type of curtain (Google for images). Prices range from $7-$350, depending on the level of insulation, durability, and aesthetic design. If you are already looking for curtains for your home, consider insulated curtains and their long-term benefits.

Close and Seal All Doors

As with the windows, make sure all doors are properly closed (and locked for safety purposes!). Run your hand across the bottom and up the sides of the door to determine whether any air is seeping through. If there is, you should consider either updating or applying new weather stripping.

Surprise, surprise, YouTube also has videos on installing weather stripping on doors (search “weather stripping doors”). If you are not able to or you prefer not weather stripping your door, consider simply putting a folded blanket/towel/runner at the bottom of the door. Of course this is not the best fix, but this will keep some unwelcomed cold air out.

Space/Portable Heaters

Although one space heater will not warm up the entire house, it is a great way to warm up an individual room. It is also a great way to avoid turning up the thermostat.

Portable heaters usually take a few minutes to start emitting heat, but once they begin, they are capable of heating up an entire room. You should measure the room you are looking to warm up so that you can purchase a heater capable of producing enough heat for that area. Look at the specifications on the product or talk to a salesperson about this. Portable heaters are easily moved from one place to another because they are usually equipped with wheels or are light in weight making it easy to simply pick them up.

Prices range from approximately $20-$100, depending on style and size. Be sure to look for energy efficient portable heaters since these will save you money on your electricity bill. Also, just for safety’s sake, keep the heaters a safe distance away from other objects in the room and from your pets or children.