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Firefighter License and Certification

In dangerous vocations, it is vital to have licenses and accreditations. These things enable you to get appropriate protection and claim them when fundamental. Another advantage to them is that you have to experience some preparation to get these licenses and affirmations. This encourages you acquire involvement in that field in this manner decreasing dangers of any activity. The licenses and confirmations required by a firefighter are various in nature. How about we get some answers concerning these in detail.


Persons certified as fire fighters wishing to instruct Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council approved courses may be certified by the Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council by application through the Bureau of Fire Services/Fire Fighter Training Division. There are three levels of certification: Associate Instructor, Instructor I and Instructor II. Read More Here…


The “Voluntary Certification Program for Fire Fighters” began on June 21, 1979 when House Bill 1243 was signed into law. The general purpose of the certification program is to measure the level of knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by firefighters and emergency medical responders (EMR) and to attest that these individuals meet nationally recognized standards. These competency-based standards permit evaluation of training programs and promotes uniformity in firefighter and EMR training.

The Bureau of Firefighter Standards and Training approves Florida’s firefighter training curricula, provides training to Florida’s emergency services providers at the Florida State Fire College and certifies Florida fire service members to ensure they meet industry-based standards.  Read More Here…



The Certification Board understands that your area of expertise’s individuals have different obligations and requests on their chance. Consequently, the program enables a person to spread the preparation over an expanded timeframe, instead of taking leave to go to full-time preparing. For more information about Firefighter License and Certification visit our website….