Affordable Book Marketing Tactics: Successful Book Sales on a small Budget Are Possible

Book Marketing Tactics

Many aspiring authors just don’t have the financial resources available to adopt recommendations offered by authors of “how-to” marketing books. Some of these books are extremely helpful, such as Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, but often writers may be forced to discard many ideas due to their cost.

Here are some ways that one can set about getting one’s books out into the world without going into debt.

Marketing Plan

Remember the marketing plan you wrote? Now is an excellent time to download that document from your hard drive and carefully read through it. In this plan you identified who prospective readers were. Whether you’ve written a niche book for a particular audience, or you’ve written a book for the “mass market,” re-reading this plan will help you focus and remember those first enthusiastic plans for selling your book. Your original marketing ideas are sometimes the best ones out there.


Signings are one of the best ways to sell books. No one, absolutely no one, can sell your book as well as you can. Signings are an opportunity to meet and greet people and present your work to the world.

Not all signings have to take place in bookstores. In fact, as a self-published author, this may be an impossible tactic for you to count on. But there are numerous signing opportunities that may be free, or certainly affordable. Watch your local community paper, and adjoining community papers, for events that have vendor booths.

Booth prices will vary greatly, with larger cities charging substantially more than smaller communities. Start small and make some money. An option here is to invite another author or two to share a booth. The benefit of doing this, besides lowering your cost, is to make your booth more attractive. Surprisingly, the more books in a booth, the more likely people will stop and look.

Your Car as a Book-Mobile

As simple as it sounds, your car is indispensible for helping sell books. Carry a box of books at all times. Mention to everyone you encounter, from waiters to mechanics, that you have a newly published book available. You’ll be surprised at how many books you’ll sell, piecemeal, to individuals you’ll encounter. In addition, keep money handy for making change. You don’t want your sale to fail because you don’t have change for a twenty. Discounting your book a bit when selling in this manner will also facilitate your sales.

Free Web Opportunities

The internet is a marketing wonderland with endless possibilities for selling your book if you know how to use it. While the net may be “free”, it does require time and energy, however. From blogs, to signatures, to chat rooms and ezines, the web can be very helpful if used smartly. Using the web will be covered in an upcoming article.

Join Writers Organizations

Membership in shopify web developers and writers’ organizations can have many benefits, from free booth space at large signings, to information about upcoming events that may be selling opportunities, to critique groups, speaker events, etc. Joining a writers group will be worth your time and money, but do your homework and make sure the group is right for you and will meet your needs. You, too, however, must be able to contribute to the group.

Low Cost Activities Return a high profit Margin

Start small and make money. Keep your events either no-cost or low-cost, and you’ll see profits accumulate. Use Signings, your Book-Mobile, Web Opportunities and Writers Groups to help you launch your book.